Monday, April 4, 2011

Orange Julius


I love orange julius - especially from home. Once you fix this, you'll never drink that made in the mall stuff every again.

This is my mom's recipe and we grew up drinking it for breakfast on lazy Saturday mornings with waffles and bacon. Fix it for some family and friends and they'll be amazed that you so quickly whipped up such a delicious concoction.

You'll need:
1 can FROZEN orange juice concentrate
milk (can be whatever you drink from whole to skim and soy and rice, etc.)

Cut the can of OJ concentrate in half. Scoop 1/2 of the concentrate into your blender. Use the empty can half to measure your milk and water. Fill the can with milk and add it, then with water and add it to the blender. Next, add some sugar. I like my julius sweet so I add about 2 tablespoons of sugar to the mix. Add a cap full of vanilla. Finally add about 1 and 1/2 cups of ice, crushed if you've got it.

Mix well in a blender until all the ice has been chopped up.

This serves about 3 large servings or 5 small. If you've got a big group, then prepare the other half of the concentrate. If not, put it back in the freezer for another day.

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