Monday, May 10, 2010

Mexican Fiesta!

Yesterday was Mother's Day.  We had a huge family party, thrown together last minute by my mom, for the celebration.

We decided on a Mexican fiesta to honor all our mothers.

The food was fantastic:
chips and 2 kinds of homemade salsa
sweet pork tacos
beef tacos
chicken with green chilies and corn tacos
chicken enchiladas
lime cilantro rice

There was more side stuff but I can't remember. 

And the dessert bar was almost a mile long.

What a foodie family I've got.

I contributed a few items to the pot-luck buffet, but the tastiest by far were my home-made crustos.  I don't know what you really call them, but the local taco joint calls them crustos.

deep fried tortillas drenched in cinnamon and sugar.

So good.  They disappeared pretty fast yesterday.  I guess I should have made more.

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